Like all churches that cannot physically gather as we all did before COVID-19, Praise Tabernacle Worship Center (PTWC) has had to make adjustments in continuing with its mission and fulfilling its vision.  But we see this as an opportunity to enhance our approaches in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to those who normally would not attend church physically or via online.  Therefore, we are pleased to announce our online media platforms for our Sunday services and Bible studies.
10:00 AM, Sunday – Zoom Online (PTWC Members / Invited Guests)
10:25 AM, Sunday – FaceBook Public Online Simulcast with Zoom (
7:00 PM, Wednesday – Zoom Biblestudy and Inspiration)
If you would like to join us on Zoom each Sunday at 10:00 AM and Wednesday at 7:00 PM, please send your name and email address to and you will be sent credentials to join in.  We also record our service(s) on our YouTube portal where you can view our recorded services at your convenience.
As of May 25, 2020, the State of California has released guidelines for houses of worship that desire to physically gather.  While we cannot wait to physically get back together again, Praise Tabernacle will continue with online services and re-visit the updated guidelines after the 21-day trial period (around June 14, 2020) the State has implemented.